It’s the classic K-drama thiết đặt in “Sassy Go Go,” with the prickly but totally đáng yêu lead actor, Lee Won Geun (in the role of Kim Yeol), & the equally xinh tươi heartthrob that is Ji Soo (playing Ha Joon). Both care deeply for our heroine Jung Eun Ji (Yeon Doo), although one always finds himself in the background, unable to lớn make a move on his best friend’s crush. It’s classic, but it gets you every time. Ships are abound.

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In honor of these two captains with killer smiles, here are six of the most heart-pounding moments from “Sassy Go Go.” Cue squeals.

When Yeon Doo & Yeol get up close và personal.

And stay that way.. At least until they get photographed by a peeping tom (Episode 1).


When Ha Joon patches himself up.

Though he needs eventually needs help from Yeol (Episode 1).


When Yeol is asked if he is dating anyone.

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Yeol: “There is a girl I want to lớn kiss.” Yeon Doo blushes lượt thích crazy, & Yeol is oh, so happy to see it (Episode 4).


That killer smile…


When Yeol và Yeon Doo thua kém their inhibitions.

The students, invited to the cheerleading teacher’s house, come across some wine, which they — somehow — think is grape juice. Yeon Doo & Yeol go out khổng lồ get some fresh air… and… (Episode 5).



When Ha Joon races lớn find a missing Yeon Doo.

Ha Joon looks relieved lớn have found Yeon Doo, & a little heartbroken when Yeon Doo comes to him crying, but he gives her a big hug anyway (Episode 8).


But he looks so happy here (Episode 9)!


Yeol finally confesses.

But then Ha Joon makes an appearance… (Episode 9).


What vị you think? Which moments from “Sassy Go Go” really got your heart racing?

Catch up on the latest episode here, and make sure you catch the finale, which airs tonight!