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One of K-drama’s most infamous storylines is getting a second season. Strong Woman bởi vì Bong Soon is a classic in the romance department starring Park Hyung-sik & Park Bo-young in the leading roles. Despite having premiered in 2017, the K-drama is considered a classic that fans hoped would return. Strong Woman bởi Bong Soon Season 2 has been confirmed, but this time it will be titled Strong Woman Kang phái nam Soon.

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Actor Lee Yoo-mi for ‘Strong Woman bởi Bong Soon’ Season 2

A sweet & unassuming young woman has the strength of Hercules in ‘Strong Woman vày Bong Soon’

A commercial hit and one of Korean cable TV’s highest-rated K-dramas, Strong Woman vị Bong Soon, fulfilled every major trope in the best way possible. Vì chưng Bong-soon (Park) has a secret. For generations, the women in her family have been passed down the gift of superhuman strength. But they keep it hidden. Bong-soon desperately wishes she was dainty and girly to lớn attract her crush, police officer In Guk-doo (Ji Soo).

She also dreams of developing a clip game inspired by her powers. Bong-soon happens to lớn find herself the bodyguard of a chaebol heir và CEO of the gaming company, Ahn Min-hyuk (Park).

No K-drama is complete without a little drama as kidnapping cases start lớn occur in the area where she lives. The kidnappings soon threaten Min-hyuk and Bong-soon’s closest friend. Along the way, Bong-soon’s crush starts to go away as she opens her eyes to lớn Min-hyuk.

The K-drama was popular for many reasons. It has romance, thriller aspects, fantasy, và comedy. Now fans get to lớn see Strong Woman vì chưng Bong Soon Season 2 but told by another family member.

‘Strong Woman vị Bong Soon’ Season 2 will focus on Bong-soon’s cousin with the same abilities

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According lớn Soompi, multiple truyền thông outlets confirmed Strong Woman bởi vì Bong Soon Season 2, but it will be under a new title, Strong Woman Kang nam Soon. The new season will not continue the storyline of Bong-soon & Min-hyuk after the finale. Instead, fans meet Bong-soon’s distant cousin, Nam-soon, who possesses the same superhuman strength.

Nam-soon’s story is strikingly different than the first season. The character went missing in Mongolia as a child & finds herself returning lớn Gangnam for answers. Her mother, Hwang Geum-joo, is wealthy and lives a good life in Gangnam. But she has been doing everything possible to lớn find her lost daughter.

Soompi explains the new second season will portray the reality of drug crimes & distribution in Gangnam. Detective Kang Hee-sik leads a secret investigative team that cracks down on drugs in the city. He also becomes Nam-soon’s crush.

‘All of Us Are Dead’ and ‘Squid Game’ star Lee Yoo-mi will play the lead role of Nam-soon

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In the title role for Strong Woman Kang phái mạnh Soon is a recently familiar face. Fans will recognize Lee Yoo-mi as she captured attention by playing a minor role in the globally famous K-drama Squid Game. The actor played the role of Ji-yeon, Player 240. Many fans fondly remember the character sacrificing her life during the marble game so Sae-byeok could win.

Lee also gained fame as one of the most hated characters in the popular zombie K-drama, All of Us Are Dead.

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She will now star as Nam-soon in Strong Woman vì Bong Soon Season 2. Actor Kim Jung-eun will star as Nam-soon’s mother. Playing the role of Nam-soon’s grandmother is veteran actor Kim Hae-sook, recently known for her role as the Emperor in Tomorrow.

Rising actor Ong Seong-woo will star as detective Kang và Nam-soon’s love interest. The role of the K-drama’s central villain is actor Byun Woo-seok. Strong Woman Kang nam Soon will begin filming this summer & is expected to premiere next year.

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