Sandisk 64gb usb extreme go cz800 64g usb 3

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Performance: Slower than advertised, but still quite speedy

Transfer speed benchmarking program Crystal Disk Mark provided sequential read speeds of 120 MB/s và write speeds of 68 MB/s for the Extreme Go, far less than the 200 và 150 MB/s SanDisk advertises.

Our manual USB 3.0 tests proved far better. Writing a 1.1GB, 32-minute HD clip to the USB only took about 10 seconds with a very satisfying 120 MB/s transfer speed. A full length HD film, Avengers: Infinity War, took about 40 seconds at the same speed, just lượt thích it says on the box. The read speeds were about the same as the benchmark, never surpassing 130 MB/s.

A full length HD film, Avengers: Infinity War, took about 40 seconds to lớn write.

Transferring a thư mục full of media files can be a trickier test. We transferred a music thư mục full of over 1,800 music tracks, sorted & unsorted (a litter over 6GB). The write tốc độ fluctuated wildly between 40 & 80 MB/s, taking a minute and 45 seconds lớn fully transfer, and nearly that long to lớn read back khổng lồ the PC.

Transfer speeds aren’t shown when using the SecureAccess encryption software, but a simple stopwatch test told us that transfer speeds slowed down considerably when being encrypted, or read from encryption. No matter the tệp tin type or size, it took about twice as long to use the encryption software lớn transfer files.

We also discovered an interesting quirk while testing the Extreme Pro — it didn’t play well with our Sabrent four-port USB hub, despite being connected lớn the USB 3.0 & its own external power nguồn source. When plugged into a port on the hub, our read và write speeds were capped at 20 MB/s, or about trăng tròn percent of the usual speed. Only when plugged directly into the USB 3.0 port were we able lớn achieve the normal 120 MB/s transfer speeds. That’s something khổng lồ consider if you use USB hubs on your 3.0 ports.

When plugged into a port in a USB hub, our read và write speeds were capped at 20 MB/s, or about đôi mươi percent of the usual speed.

Price: Not too expensive, but not a great giảm giá khuyến mãi either

SanDisk sells the Extreme Go in a 64GB và 128GB versions, for $21.99 và $34.99 respectively. Neither one is a great deal, nor are they terribly overpriced. Price-wise, the Extreme Go sits comfortably among similar USB storage drives.

Competition: A cut above the rest

The SanDisk Extreme Go 64GB model costs almost twice as much as a Kingston Datatraveler with the same storage space, but the DataTraveler lacks file encryption, & in our reviews tests it barely achieved 10 percent of the transfer speed of the Extreme Go.

The Samsung BAR Plus is another competitor that advertises similar transfer speeds in a smaller metallic design. It costs slightly less, but also lacks file encryption options.

For the speed and extra features you get, the SanDisk Extreme Go is worth its mid-range price.

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Final Verdict

We’d highly recommended this flash drive for use just about anywhere.

Though the SanDisk Extreme Go feels a bit flimsy on the outside, we were very impressed with its performance. Write speeds of 100 to lớn 150 MB/s at a $20 price point should be the new gold standard for USB flash drives. Plus, it offers optional file encryption software for an extra layer of security.

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product Name Extreme Go 3.1 64GB sản phẩm Brand SanDisk UPC SDCZ800-064G-A46 Price $34.99 product Dimensions 2.79 x 0.84 x 0.45 in. Ports USB 3.1 ren 1 (3.0), USB 2.0 Storage 64GB, 128GB Compatibility Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac X v10.7+ Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty